Candidate Driven Recruitment Market

Candidate Driven Recruitment Market

Candidate Driven Recruitment Market

Candidate Driven Recruitment Market. Not surprisingly, Brexit is on most people’s lips and the uncertainty that leaving the EU will bring. Currently, there are not enough candidates available in the uk, so the job market has shifted from employer to the job seeker.

Recruiting the Right Staff

It has become more and more difficult to recruit the right people. Businesses now need to work harder to sell themselves to the candidate to entice them to take the role on offer. Businesses need to make the right impression to entice candidates who can assist in moving their business forward.

Employment statistics from The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the last quarter of 2018 show the labour, skills and talent shortage continue to be a challenge for businesses.

With businesses looking to grow, the number of vacancies has steadily increased.  Against a backdrop of political uncertainty in the UK, it is encouraging to see most of the new jobs have been full-time. The market, which has been flexible working, zero-hours contracts and part-time employment, has shifted to holding a record-breaking 24 million full-time jobs.

The number of candidates looking for work has reached the lowest levels since the 70’s and the scarcity continues, meaning companies are having difficulty finding the right people.

Recruitment agencies are more relevant than ever before.

With over 20 years experience in the recruitment industry, Sincerity Personnel fully understand the importance of matching candidates based on personality as well as on skills and experience. Sincerity Personnel are 100% committed to building strong and trusted working relationships with both clients and candidates by offering honest recruitment solutions.

Our Services.

We are here to advise and guide you through the process of recruiting. Our applicant registration is rigorous and all candidates will have an in-depth interview with us. We always give feedback after an interview and respond to all enquiries for jobs that we advertise.

We know that difference.

Our reputation is everything to us, so we want to ensure your experience of working with Sincerity Personnel  is the best it can be!

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