Honest Recruitment Solutions.

Our Full Recruitment Solution.

Sincerity Personnel will personally come to your work place where possible to find out everything we need to know to build a thorough understanding of the type of person needed to work for you. We then meet and fully brief suitable candidates about your permanent vacancy and give them all the relevant information so they have everything they need for a successful interview.

The success of Sincerity Personnel is built upon the core values of really getting to know and understand the exact requirements of their clients. We work extremely hard to make sure the right candidate is matched to the right position.

We understand recruitment isn’t cheap that’s why we actually work for our fee – we don’t just send CVs and hope for the best.

Our Alternative Online Recruitment Solution.

  1. Local newspapers can be quite expensive to place job adverts and often they don’t attract the right candidates, or you are inundated with CVs or quite often you have no CVs at all! To make the process much easier for you, let us place your advert and that way we will market your job and it will be featured on various ‘online job boards’.
  2. Your job will also be highlighted on our Sincerity Personnel website and networked through social media to attract local job searchers.
  3. You may want to add your Company contact details to the advert, or you may prefer to remain anonymous; if this is the case, Sincerity Personnel will email all candidate details and their CV’s direct to you.

For further information please email us at Sincerity Personnel.