Interview Technique

Interview Technique

Interview Technique. Whether you are taking your first few steps up the career ladder as a graduate, returning to work following a career break, or planning for a really important job change, good interview techniques will always be needed. These days it is more important than ever to have strong interview skills because of the amount of competition there is out there. Regardless of the position, it is important to be prepared for the interview.

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First impressions are everything

Making sure you look approachable by smiling, making eye contact and just being enthusiastic about everything will always go down well.

The interviewer is looking for someone who will be easy to work with, while also fitting in well within the team. So it is important to come across as friendly and sociable as possible.

Wearing the right attire is also very important for first impressions. In most cases, unless told otherwise it is really important to dress professionally for a job interview. A suit is often the preferred choice of clothing for an interview.

A Professional Manner at an Interview

Having a professional manner will always make you come across more serious about the position you are being interviewed for. Little things, like having a good posture and showing other basic traits of professionalism will show confidence. Always make sure you are on time as some places may rule you out straight away for being late or for failing to show basic etiquette in the workplace. Always arrive slightly earlier to the interview.

Ask questions about the company, an interview also gives you the chance to find out more about the job itself, such as the responsibilities and whom you will be working with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as it will only show how eager you are to the interviewer.

Preparation for an Interview

A good thing to do in preparation for an interview is to thoroughly research the company. Make sure you know a bit about their ethos and background so you can show the interviewer how you will fit into the company.

Show how the skills you possess will help you fit in to the team and even benefit the company. If the interviewer brings up something you have never done before, such as lead a team, never respond by saying, “I can’t” or “I haven’t”. Instead share the experience you do have and find a positive from that.

Follow Up after an Interview

After the interview it is good to follow it up with an email or handwritten note. This should thank them for their time and include some additional information where relevant such as a link you discussed during the interview. This will show them that you are really interested in the job and it is also a polite gesture, which the interviewer may appreciate.

Good luck! For further information about interview techniques, please give us a call.

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Interview Technique 27 May 2019

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