Sincerity Personnel Honest Recruitment Solutions for Clients and Candidates in Herts, Essex and Cambridge.

Sincerity Personnel are an independent and well established recruitment agency located in Bishops Stortford working for clients who are looking to recruit quality permanent and or temporary office staff in Herts, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Discover a cost effective way to recruit quality staff.

Sincerity Personnel can show you creative and affordable ways to staff your company offering a ‘one to one’ contact that’s honest and reliable.

We’re all about people.

Our candidates are our greatest resource and our passion is to help the right candidate find the right job. Whether a candidate is looking to advance their career, expand their skills, re-enter the workforce, or just find more flexible employment we can help.

Working for you.

  • We interview and produce an honest assessment of all our candidates skills
  • We evaluate job suitability
  • We go through cv’s and interviewing skills
  • We shorten your search for the right person

Who are we?

Sincerity Personnel are an independent recruitment agency based in Bishops Stortford. We specialise in recruiting permanent and temporary office staff, sourcing the best candidates for our clients.


With over 15 years experience in the recruitment industry, we fully understand the importance of matching candidates based on personality as well as on skills and experience. Sincerity Personnel are 100% committed to building strong and trusted working relationships with both clients and candidates by offering honest recruitment solutions.

Our Services.

We are here to advise and guide you through the process of recruiting. Our applicant registration is rigorous and all candidates will have an in-depth interview with us. We always give feedback after an interview and respond to all enquiries for jobs that we advertise. We know that difference. Our reputation is everything to us, so we want to ensure your experience of working with Sincerity Personnel is the best it can be!

Call us for a chat and see how we can help you!

Marie Kinchin. (M.I.O.R)

Marie Kinchin. Director, Owner.
Director and business owner. Daily running of the business. Decision making. Decides strategy. Client liaison. Vets candidates. Matches candidates with client roles. Attracts clients. Communicates with clients and candidates. Attends networking and exhibition events. View Marie Kinchin Linkedin profile

“Having worked for a major high street agency in the mid 90s for 7 years, I wanted to bring back some good old fashioned recruitment values into the local area which I felt had been lost amongst the vast expanse of recruitment agencies today! Sincerity Personnel is a firm believer that ‘people buy people’ and our aim is to meet all clients and candidates where possible to ensure a solid working partnership is formed from the start. We are not a CV generator churning out as many CVs as we can to see what sticks! … quite simply we want to be known as the Honest, Reliable, Professional Recruitment Agency who understands and cares about both the candidate and clients’ needs. We are Sincerity Personnel offering Honest Recruitment Solutions, specialising in permanent and temporary office recruitment which offers a bespoke, one to one service covering Herts, Essex and Cambridge.”

Mick Sims. Business Consultant

Mick Sims. Business Consultant.
Advises on growth strategy. Assists on financial matters. Writes blogs. Matches candidates with client roles. Attracts clients. Communicates with clients and candidates. Attends networking and exhibition events. Database input. Mick had a successful forty years career with Lloyds Bank at senior manager level.
LinkedIn View Michael Sims Linkedin profile
“Working for a large bank for 40 years, with many years working with SME’s, I have been trained on business management. I have received training, and given training, on numerous management and leadership techniques and systems. I am proficient in corporate thinking, with sufficient experience at many levels to be able to provide help and guidance.”


Kate Brunswick Business Consultant.